Maple Rock Farm

Marissa and Alex had the most perfect wedding day at Maple Rock Farm in Parsonsfield, Maine. It was a photographer's dream come true! Everything about their day was absolutely stunning – from getting ready in the house on the property to their ceremony in front of the barn, to their portraits on the field overlooking the mountains in the background and a stunning sunset. The cocktail hour was held outside of the barn and dinner was inside, capped off with wedding party portraits taken in an apple orchard on the property. If you’re newly engaged and looking for some great ideas for your own wedding day, read on to learn more about Marissa and Alex’s perfect wedding at Maple Rock Farm! 


When it comes to planning your own wedding day, it is important to take into account all of the elements that make up an unforgettable event. They also kept things simple by having both their ceremony and reception at one location – Maple Rock Farm. This helped keep costs down while also eliminating any stress associated with traveling between venues. It also gave them plenty of time for photos without having limited time constraints due to travel between locations. 

The other thing that made this wedding so beautiful were all of its unique elements – like taking photos in an apple orchard! There are lots of ways that you can make your own wedding unique – whether it’s through a special venue like Maple Rock Farm or through incorporating unique elements into your decor, such as a vintage cake stand or rustic table settings. These details will help make your day truly special and memorable for everyone involved! 


Marissa and Alex had a beautiful wedding day at Maple Rock Farm in Parsonsfield, Maine that was truly a photographer's dream come true! From getting ready to taking photos in an apple orchard, there are lots of great ideas that you can take away from their special day when it comes time for you to plan yours. Don't forget about all those little details that will make your wedding uniquely yours – these little touches will be sure to leave lasting memories with all who attend! If you are looking for more advice or tips on how best to plan your own dream wedding day, please don't hesitate to reach out - I would love to help bring your vision into reality!

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